2 Exercises of Yoga for Sinus


Sinusitis is usually caused by a virus and often persists even after other upper respiratory symptoms are gone. In some cases, bacteria or rarely fungus, may cause a sinus infection. It can further lead to other conditions such as allergies, nasal polyps and tooth infections and can also contribute to sinus pain and symptoms. 

If you encorporate the following exercises of Yoga in your daily rountine, you can get relief from them: 



Sutraneti (Nasal Cleansing with Thread)

To cure sinus through natural means, Sutraneti is one of the effective measures. Sutraneti is a one hand soft cotton thread, which is soaked in bee-wax for nasal cleansing exercise.


  • First sit in Kagasana

  • Now insert the thread through one of the nostrils, which seems to be more active.

  • Try to get it to the back of the throat, catch the sutra and bring it out from the mouth.

  • Slowly and gently make movement of thread forward and backward.

  • Continue it for 10 rounds.

  • Take the thread out and repeat the same with other nostril





 Jalaneti (Nasal Cleansing with Water)

Jalaneti is quite effective Yogic practice to cure headache, insomnia, cough & cold and drowsiness. Basically, it’s the nasal cleansing exercise with lukewarm salted water.




  • Take a Neti pot

  • Salted lukewarm water (1 tsp salt in ½ litre water)

  • Sit in Kagasana with a gap of 2 feet between the feet.

  • Tilt the head and insert the neti pot nozzle into the active nostril. Let water flow through this nostril and ensures to release through other nostril.

  • While performing the exercise, your mouth should be opened and body be relaxed.

  • After completing through one of the nostrils, continue the same with other one.


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