Published On: Wed, Jul 1st, 2015

92-year-old women delivers ‘Stone Baby’

In bizarre turns of events, comes this true story of a 92-year-old women who delivered a ‘Stone Baby’. She had been carrying the fetus for over half a century.

The story of Huang Yijun from Southern China had complained of stomach ache, doctors were stunned when they realized Yijun was pregnant and she delivered 60-year-old still born infant known as a lithopedion, aka ‘Stone Baby’.

Yijun told the press she didn’t have the money to remove her fetus after doctors told her it had died inside her in 1948.

Lithopedion is the rare phenomenon occurs when the pregnancy fails and fetus calcifies while still in the mother’s body. Till date, there have been less than 300 cases noted in 400 years of medical literature.

 Gunjan Singh