Published On: Sat, Nov 5th, 2016

Americans should not allow Trump divide country: Sanders

Fayetteville (US), Nov 5 (PTI) Underlining that diversity is the “strength and uniqueness” of the US, Senator Bernie
Sanders has said that Americans should be proud of it and not allow Donald Trump who is running a campaign of bigotry to
divide the country.

“I disagree with Donald Trump on virtually all of his policy positions. But what upsets me the most, what upsets me it’s beyond disagreement is we have struggled for so many years to overcome discrimination, and he is running his campaign, the cornerstone of which is bigotry,” Sanders, said yesterday at an election rally in Raleigh, North Carolina, which has now emerged as a top battleground State.

“Now, as Americans, we can disagree on many issues. But we have come too far. Too many people have gone to jail and
too many have died in the struggle for equal rights. We are not going back to a bigoted society,” said Sanders who was
joined by his primary rival Hillary Clinton at the election rally.

Clinton is now the Democratic party’s presidential nominee after she defeated Sanders in the primaries this summer.

Sanders has been campaigning for her and urging people not to vote for Trump.

Making a strong pitch for Clinton, Sanders who is highly popular among youths, said diversity is the strength and
uniqueness of America.

“We should be proud of it. We should be proud of it, and we are not going to allow Trump or anyone else to divide us
up,” he said.

In the rally, Clinton criticised Trump for his repeated statements casting African-American life as one of crime, poverty and despair, saying he “has no idea about the strength if the black church, the vibrancy of black-owned businesses, the excellence of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the rise of a new generation of black activists for social justice, and the success of black leaders in every field.”

She asked how a person who has behaved as Trump has could be trusted appointing justices and controlling the Justice

In her remarks, Clinton offered her vision for an inclusive America that lifts up all communities.