Published On: Tue, Apr 19th, 2016

Beat Odd-Even: Find Out Which Car Is Best For You

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If you are looking to buy a new car and have budget of 3-10 Lakhs, look no further here are the top cars selected just for you by News24 critics. Our description will help you choose the best option.


Swift, Maruti-Suzuki

The car that shaped the fate and future of the Indian automobile market was introduced in May 2005 in petrol and the diesel model was introduced in 2007. The car amused us more with the introduction of a next generation car in 2011. The car got bigger, wider and better. This new generation Maruti was crafted to meet every demand of the Indian consumer. This car has power, torque, handles well, looks nice both inside and outside and has a fabulous drive. The old Indian question of mileage was answered with fabulous numbers with the petrol unit returning 20.5kmpl and the diesel unit returning 25.2 kmpl. What one has to keep in mind is that in this price range you only have options of buying the Lxi, Vxi and the Ldi.

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Amaze by Honda

It Amazed all of us with all that Honda claimed with the launch of this car. Honda played a major gamble introducing Amaze in the category dominated by Swift DZire. Honda claimed the car to be better in various aspects compared to DZire and the car had a mouth-watering mileage of 25.8kmpl. It claimed to be the India’s most fuel efficient car. On testing it proved that Honda’s claim was correct. The iDtech carries the HONDA Earth Dreams technology. The car’s diesel mill has 100bhp of power and 200nm of torque, whereas the petrol mill has 87bhp and 109nm of torque. The only issue here being that you can only buy the petrol variant in this price bracket.

Alto K10 by Maruti-Suzuki

India’s best selling car over the years had to make it to this list. India’s all time favourite Alto got droids recently when it got pumped with a K series 1.0L petrol engine. The car sit low with giving a plated feel and with more added by the K10 engine it can maneuver around more easily and feel much more confident while cornering the car. India knows its a “fill it shut it forget it car”.
This new generation car comes with much improved interiors compare to the previous generation but it still isn’t where the Hyundai Eon is in terms of interiors. Its a small peppy fun to drive car and it continues to win the hearts of thousands of Indian fans.

Hyundai Grand i10

The next best thing to Hyundai Santro this car is second to Alto in sales. This car introduced the indian small car users to the beige plush feel inside the car. Where all cars had black and grey interiors, this car became the show stealer with the plush interiors the car gave a upmarket feel to its users. Hyundai used the SRK to advertise this car and it has been selling in huge numbers ever since. The new Grand i10 made everything grand in terms of what it had to offer to its users. This new car brought in the 1.1L crdi diesel option which was a big USP for the car in terms of sales. IT offers features like Push Start/Stop button, Sunroof and many other first in class features. The car feels underpowered on highways but had decent power for city driving. Its a overall perfect car and it makes up for whatever you miss with its mileage.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR-

The tallboy from Maruti is very similar in nature with the other maruti cars in terms of mileage, handling. The car has a higher stance and gives a good view of the road in front. WagonR gives a commanding view of the road that one seeks to expect from a compact SUV’s nowadays. The feels easy to get in and out for. The Slightly taller Indians find the space inside WagonR to be most comfortable among the cars in this price range.

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The all time segment leader in petrol cars caught up rather quickly in the race of diesel sedans with it’s all new diesel variant. The car has been known for its dependability since its launch. The first generation City was a gem and it still rules our heart, that made it very difficult to move on to a car they replaced it with i.e. the second generation City the dolphin like city was underpowered to keep mileage in mind. As honda felt its grip on the market getting loose they introduced a vtech version of the car. VTEC sounded familiar and before many people could recall the enthusiasts were already there to buy this car. Then it was time for a complete overhaul, Honda in 2008-09 launched the next generation of City. Most of us could not believe what we had seen. It was a moment of bliss to see the arrow shot design with blackened headlamps, strong aggressive forward moving design and on top of that the the rear end of the car resembled the likes of great BMW’s. This car sported a ivtec engine that churned out 118 brake horsepower, the car had enough enough torque to sprint 0-100 in just about 10 seconds. The car came in with safety features like ABS and Airbags as standard features. Nothing affected the sales of this petrol sedan but there was a need felt for a diesel version of it. Then the anticipation of the people was sky high after the launch of Amaze diesel. Honda finally announced the coming of the diesel unit. Honda launched the diesel unit in Fourth generation CIty. Ask Honda how to make a perfect car better and they will tell you and ask them how its done and they will show you the new City. They equipped the new car with a touch screen aircon and entertainment system, on front the car got dual barrel headlamps. The slightest problem of ground clearance that Indian roads sometimes pose were also resolved now. The country’s favourite sedan now with diesel unit returned a mileage of 26Kmpl which also made it the country’s mode economical car. What better can India ask for.

Ford Ecosport

Third on our list is Ford Ecosport. This car has won many awards globally. It’s 1.0 Ecoboost engine has won the engine of the year award that too 2 years in row.
The compact SUV looks compact but utilizes every bit of its space. The car has 200mm of ground clearance and has a good grunt to travel over spaces like small blocks and pathways. The car is the perfect mixture of urban SUV, sedan and a small car. this car offers it all. Its a very young car that can be driven by people of every age group. If you want to buy a can that everyone in your family can drive according to their own preference. It won’t disappoint anyone who drives it. It doesn’t give the feel of a big SUV but for all that it provides it would be unfair to ask for for that at this price.

Volkswagen Polo

The premium hatchback from VW group will spoil you with engine options and variants. If you want a car that has sports car like performance go for its GT TSi and GT Tdi. Want a premium hatchback with basic features go for Polo Trendline. If you want a fully loaded premium hatchback for a luxury feel they have the Polo Comfortline for you. Whatever you need from a premium hatchback VW polo will offer that. The high service cost of Polo keeps it down on number 4 on our list.

HONDA Mobilio

Honda’s has managed to do everything that the country’s favourite MUV Innova does and makes you shell out 4 lakhs less for it. Just imagine instead of buying a Innova you could buy a car that is extremely competent to Innova, carries the brand name of a dependable company like Honda it cannot be considered any less to Innova. To make things easier for you, take this fact Toyota Innova has a mileage of 13kmpl contrary to this Honda’s Mobilio has a mileage of 24.2 kmpl. To make the offer more lucrative for you, just consider this Toyota Innova costs 12.3lakhs whereas Mobilio costs around 8lakhs and if you have a budget of Innova you can buy a Mobilio for yourself and a Brio for your wife/son/daughter or even yourself for city commuting.

Written by Atul Bandhu