Wonderful! Watch amazingly simple way to open a can without can opener


ENI Bureau New Delhi: You might have had several instances when you didn’t have a can opener, a knife or a spoon to open a can. In a fascinating video, two Youtube users have shown an amazingly simple way to open a can without a can opener. A video titled “How to Open a Can without Can Opener – Zombie Survival Tips #20” has been More...

by vinamra.gupta@bagnetwork.in | Published 1 year ago
iPhone 6
By arun.nair@bagnetwork.in On Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

iPhone 6 survives fall from edge of space

    ENI Bureau   How strong is iPhone 6? Perhaps, enough to withstand a fall from the space. Well, this is what a California-based Urban Armor Gear did to find out whether the Apple’s latest More...