Published On: Mon, Nov 7th, 2016

Cold weather, smog could lead to rise in heart, lung cases

Washington, Nov 6 (PTI) Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign today exuded confidence of crossing the 270 electoral
college vote mark amid reports that the race to the White House has entered a dead heat with just 50 hours to go before
the presidential election.

“We think we have this race over. We’re going to get over our 270 electoral votes,” John Podesta, chairman of the
Clinton campaign told ABC News.

“There are a lot of paths to our victory, but we want to hold on to the states that we think ought to be in the Democratic column, and Michigan’s one of them,” he said. 

Podesta slammed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his allegations of a rigged system.

“With Donald Trump, if he’s losing, everything’s rigged. When he lost the Emmys, it was rigged. When he lost the
primaries, you know, those occasions where he lost the primaries in the Republican run-up, it was rigged. So, if he’s
losing, it’s rigged. But I think the American people see through that,” he said.

“Americans know that it is going to be a fair election. Republican voting officials across the country have said that.
Marco Rubio has said it. Paul Ryan has said it. We have seen a surge of voting. You noted the Latino surge in Florida, in
Nevada. We’re feeling very good about that. I think we’re going to keep working to make sure that we’re successful,” he

Based on massive early voting, Podesta appeared to be confident in key battleground states.

“If you look at Florida, for example, we’ve now gotten more early vote amongst the African-American community than we
had in 2012. As voting sites expanded in North Carolina, the vote numbers went up. In 2012, the first African-American
president was running for reelection. We are going to try to match his numbers,” he said.

“We are feeling like our organisation can keep working to help produce that. We are going to do what we can to make sure
that people are hearing her message that we’re stronger together, we’re going to build a country that’s united. We’re
going to bring everybody to the table. We’re going to make the right investments to create an economy that’s working for
everyone and not just those at the top,” he asserted.

Responding to a question on the FBI’s decision to reopen the email probe, he said the campaign is not questioning the
motive of FBI Director James Comey, but this was not unwarranted.