Gujarat Manthan: BJP should learn the art of aping Congress well, says Congress

New Delhi, Dec 2: This session of Gujarat Manthan was one of the most interesting ones. The statements loaded with innuendoes and irony was shot very well by senior Congress leader Rajiv Shukla and was received with not-so-equal ease by BJP leader Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore. It was an interesting journey into the history, geography and the politics of Gujarat.

Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore started with Rahul Gandhi's temple visit, "Rahul wants to be number 2 BJP. Has anyone seen Rahul visiting temples before Gujarat election? Gujarat election pressure has forced Rahul to visit temples. Congress is a confused party without leadership. Congress is adopting bit of Hindutva, bit of Samajwadi policies."

Rajiv Shukla reacted sharply, "Congress has always visited temples, be it Jawaharlal Nehru ji, Indira Gandhi ji, Sonia Gandhi ji or Rahul ji. The only difference is that Congress has never politicized religion. Faith and religion is a personal trait and Congress never came out in open regarding this."

Rathore sharply reacted that all theories were on paper during the Congress rule. GST is a big example pointing towards this fact. One needed a strong leader like Modi to implement all these theories. Gujarat has the lowest unemployment ratio of 9% in India. Rahul has lost all elections still is being rewarded with a promotion. 

About GST Rathor said that is being fine tuned after understanding the problems being faced by traders, people. Till people, traders are satisfied, fine tuning in GST will continue. 

Talking of Congress achievements Shulka said BJP should adopt GST's Congress model, and everything will fall in place.

BJP apes Congress policies but they should learn the art of aping well. Shukla added that Congress has  a fantastic record of handling terrorism. "We arrested Azhar, and BJP released. The Parliament attack also took place during BJP rule. Congress has come own heavily on terrorism. Not just that two senior Congress leaders, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi lost their lives to terrorism. Who understands terrorism bette than us? No one can question our patriotism," he asked.

Reacting to the allegation of Congress that BJP has embraced Pakistan Rathore said that this is called diplomacy and even Shivaji did this and Congress should not read much between the lines. Hafeez Sayeed has been isolated by efforts of BJP, said Rathore.  Rahul Gandhi's tweet on Hafiz Saeed's release was in bad taste, he added.

Chattrapati Shivaji never did any diplomacy, responded Congress senior leader Rajiv Shukla. He said that the GST which BJP has implemented is full of flaws. Congress version of GST is very different. Rahul's tweet on Hafiz Saeed was a message for PM Modi to get him arrested again using his great rapport with Nawaz Sharif.

Puncturing BJP's joy of UP victory Shukla said, "Actually BJP has lost UP civic polls if you look beyond the Mayor results. 85% votes on ballot papers went against BJP in UP civic polls. Election Commission should take note of EVM malfunction in UP reported by various political parties." All National Highways in Gujarat are examples of good work by Manmohan Singh, after protests by traders in Gujarat, BJP has been forced to follow Congress model on GST. Gujaratis by nature are very hard working, they love development and success and no government has any role in their development, said Shukla.

Everything is on papers and nothing substantial has happened in Gujarat. The people of Gujarat are fed up with the eccentric ways of the BJP government and are looking for a change now,said the Congress leader.  

Gujarat is majorly seen as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home turf and elections here are a closely watched affair seen as a barometer of the PM’s popularity. 

The elections in Gujarat have become furthermore interesting with the Patidars playing an important role in this time. What is adding to

the intense drama is the Congress lending out an olive branch to the PAAS and its pet cause. So though apparently it appears to be advantage Congress, but this can be true only to some extent. Both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi are leaving no stone unturned and the verbal war is on a day-to-day basis.

Keeping all these points in mind your channel News24 organized a conclave in Ahmadabad on 2nd Dec 2017; aptly named ‘Manthan Gujarat’.  News24 presented a package full of facts, drama and showdowns. 


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