'Hate killer' of Rajasthan uploads fresh videos from jail

Jaipur, Feb 19: Shambhulal Regar, cooling his heels in jail for killing Malda labourer Afrazul Khan last year, has uploaded fresh videos in the social media, taking all by surprise as the new uploads seem to have been shot in his cell inside the jail.

In the latest two videos, which surfaced late on Sunday night, Regar is seen speaking like a Hindu fanatic for several minutes, calling upon Hindus to stand united and bring "Ram Rajya" in India.

"This is my last video being shot in Jodhpur jail. I call all Hindus to unite and fight against 'jihad'. They (Hindus) should not get divided on caste and creed lines," he says.

Regar is seen saying that he could not tolerate threats to Hindu women from jihadi forces and hence came to help one of them.

In the video, he states that his life was under threat from a fellow prisoner, Vasudev Brahmin. "We should copy the working style of Israel to protect our country and the religion," he says.

He also says that India had no dearth of dedicated and honest officials and "we all should help them in arresting anti-nationals who are circulating drugs, fake notes, etc."

He is also seen requesting West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to not enrich her vote bank at the cost of country and religion. "People like Vasudev Brahmin, who are jihadis, are taking Hindus towards finish," he says.

Regar murdered Khan last year on December 6 and filmed the murder along with his minor nephew.

In his recent video, he says that the jail administration had kept him in one of the most protected cells. Here, he met another prisoner Vasudev Brahman from West Bengal. 

"We became friends and he used to share his anti-Islamic thoughts with me which made me suspicious about him," says Regar.

He then says that this man showed him a fake identity proof, as while defecation, he could make out that the man was not a Brahmin. "He is one of those jihadis who have reached here to kill me," he adds.

He is seen dressed in a jacket, well-equipped with headphones, and reading out his script smartly and confidently in the videos.

In January, the Rajsamand police had filed a chart sheet after concluding that Regar had an illegitimate relationship with the woman whom he referred to as his "Hindu sister" in the videos, though he strongly denies this in the second video.

Meanwhile, police sources said that although they conducted a thorough search of the jail, they did not find any mobile, dongle or any such gadget from his cell.

Sources confirmed that 2G jammers are installed in and around the jail. So, most likely, Regar shot the videos with the help of 4G jammers, they said.

Now, how and when Regar got the cell with 4G connection remains a question unanswered.

Home Minister Gulabchand Kataria said he would get to the depth of the issue and only then comment.


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