Published On: Sat, Nov 5th, 2016

India-Pak war in US: Clinton and Trump Hindu supporters fight over Hillary’s Pakistani aide

Jacksonville:  A prominent Hindu- American has said that it is “deeply disturbed” by a video commercial which attacks Huma Abedin, a close aide of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, as “pro- terrorist,” based on her ethnicity and Pakistani heritage.
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The video commercial, produced by the Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC), is on air on more than a dozen TV stations in the US, including several catering specifically to Indian viewers and attacks Abedin for her Pakistani heritage.

 Donald Trump’s right wing supporters like RHC allege that Abedin is a Islamist sympathiser.  RHC Ad though alleges Hillary accepts funds from Islamist forces, denied visa to Narendra Modi and that Bill Clinton wants to give Kashmir to Pakistan. On the face of it targets Hillary, but the real aim is to hit Abedin, who is extremely close to Hillary.

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“Condemning anyone simply because of their religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation is against the pluralistic ethos of Hinduism and has no place in a democracy,” said Suhag Shukla, Hindu-American Foundation (HAF) executive director.

HAF leaders are “deeply disturbed” by political ads airing on television that attack Clinton aide Abedin’s ethnic background, the media statement said.

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“While the potential foreign policy decisions of any of the presidential candidates are fair game for criticism – and are rightfully of deep concern to many Hindu-Americans – personal attacks such as those made in the recent ads are simply beyond the pale,” Shukla said.

Abedin’s mother is Pakistani and was born in undivided British India. (Agencies)