Published On: Tue, Nov 8th, 2016

Obamas play a Key Role in their third straight elections

Traditionally, outgoing presidents play a minimal role in the forthcoming elections or terms. However, the Obamas, Michelle and Barrack, have actively campaigned for Clinton, despite of controversies surrounding the email probe. 

Obama’s popularity, with two uber uber-successful terms as the president, has in fact helped Clinton in some ways to present herself as more supportive of the president than her pre-campaign record indicates. While secretary of state, Clinton was wary of Obama’s decisions to remove nearly all troops from Iraq and to not intervene early in Syria’s civil war.

In a 25-minute-long speech to a crowd full of enthusiastic voters in Michigan, President Barack Obama on Monday made his closing argument for electing Democrat Hillary Clinton as his successor, calling Republican Donald Trump unfit to be president and saying his administration’s successes — including rescuing the domestic auto industry in 2009 — has earned him the right to give Michiganders advice on what’s best for them and the nation.

“I feel I’ve earned some credibility here,” said a fiery Obama to a crowd of about 9,000 at the University of Michigan baseball stadium t. “Plants that were closing when I took office are working double shift now. … When I tell you Donald Trump is not the guy who is going to work for you, you need to listen. … Don’t be bamboozled.”

Also, First ladies rarely are involved in presidential elections other than when their husbands are running. And when a presidential candidate makes an appearance, he or she is usually the headline speaker. Michelle Obama, a powerful lady herself, has put down Trump time and again. She has become the breakout voice of 2016 Elections. 

Dismissed, 8 years ago, by critics as an angry black woman unsuited for the tradition-bound role of first lady, she has emerged this fall as Hillary Clinton’s most popular asset, with increased approval ratings that cut across party lines.