Published On: Sun, Nov 13th, 2016

Rs 1000/500 note ban kills a a new born!

Mumbai: The cash crunch following the ban on Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes has taken another life. This time, allegedly, a life that was just a day old.

Kiran Sharma and Jagdish Sharma are residents of Govandi and Mumbai. Kiran was pregnant and she  use to go for regular checkups at the Jeevan Jyoti Hospital and Nursing Home. 
Kiran’s delivery date was around December 7, but she prematurely gave birth to a boy on November 9. Jagdish rushed her to the same hospital where she was given primary treatment, but hospital refused to admit the mother and child since Jagdish was depositing cash in Rs 500 notes. Hospital wanted him to pay in smaller denomination, which Jagdish was unable to arrange at short notice. 

Jagdish alleges that he was unable to get the child treated at another hospital as Jeevan Jyoti refused to give child’s treatment file. In the process, the newborn died on November 10after struggling with high fever.

Hospital has termed the allegations “false and fabricated”, while the Mumbai Police has registered a case against the treating doctor.