Published On: Mon, Dec 12th, 2016

‘Rs 2,000 notes will be phased out within 5 years’

The pink currency has already been facing flak from common people for its inconvenience in the transaction, and with the disclosure from RSS’ ideologue Gurumurthy, they would better do away with the Rs 2000 currency as soon as possible.

New Delhi: In a startling disclosure, RSS ideologue and renowned chartered accountant S Gurumurthy on Monday said that the new Rs 2,000 notes will be phased out in the next five years since the highest denomination should not be above Rs 500 note in circulation.

Refusing to call the current ban on old notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 as demonetisation, the RSS ideologue said that this call from the Modi government is in actual the replacement of old notes.

In a television interview, Gurumurthy, who has been closely consulted by the seniors in the Narendra Modi government on how to deal with demonetisation, also suggested the introduction of notes with the denominations of Rs 250 and Rs 200 notes.

This might further dent people’s faith in the storage of pink currency, which has already proved inconvenient to the common people for transaction in the market short of Rs 500 and Rs 100 notes.