Published On: Mon, Nov 7th, 2016

Trump, Clinton supporter canvass for their candidates

New York, Nov 7 (PTI) As the US presidential election entered its home stretch, supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went into full throttle to urge the voters to cast their ballots on the poll day as well as rally support for their presidential candidates.

Surrounded by police and law enforcement officials, groups of men and women gathered outside the Trump Towers on Fifth Avenue here, the campaign headquarters for the billionaire, as they held placards and shouted slogans in his support.

Holding banners of ‘Make America Great Again’, ‘Drain the Swamp’, ‘Stop Terrorism, Vote Trump’ and ‘Women for Trump’,
the supporters shouted slogans of ‘Trump, Trump’, ‘Lock Clinton up’ and ‘Obamacare Sucks’.

Teresa Ilemo, who came with her young granddaughter, told PTI that under the administration of the Democrats, the US is
“going down the hill”.

“America is one of the greatest creations but with socialism and liberalism, it is going down the drain. Trump is our last chance,” she said, warning that if Trump is not elected, the country will get “flooded with illegal immigrants” and the working class will have to pay for their social security.

“I worry about my grandchildren, they are going to have a country that I wouldn’t recognise,” she said.

Another supporter, who only gave her first name Maria accused Clinton of being a liar who has broken the law her
entire life.

“How can she put her hand on the Bible and say she will uphold the law,” she said.

Mytolah Mayh, who was holding the placard ‘Stop Terrorism, Vote Trump’ said Trump will be the best option for the country
“as he will be the opposite of what the current administration is.”  

Several passers-by, including tourists, stopped by the Trump Tower to take pictures of the supporters, while some stopped to argue with them, shouting that he will not win on November 8.

 At the Clinton campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, volunteers turned out in large numbers, urging voters to go
and cast their ballot on and before November 8. 

Several young children and their families were seen tallying numbers, making phone calls and scurrying across the
campaign headquarters, leaving no stone unturned as they tried to reach as many voters just a day before the elections. 

Posters of Clinton, several made by young children, were pasted across the campaign headquarters as banners of ‘New
York Together’ and ‘Stronger Together’ hangs across the rooms.

Nine-year old Wella, who had accompanied her mother to volunteer for the Clinton campaign, said she had made 70 calls
to voters telling them “why it is important that Clinton needs to win.” (more)