Published On: Tue, Nov 8th, 2016

US election 2016: 15 states that will decide it all

The US presidential election is on an edge, with polls suggesting Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are close. As Americans get ready to cast their votes, both campaigns are working flat out to give their candidates the edge in the key battleground states that will decide the election.

Here are the 15 key states that will determine whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton ultimately becomes the 44th President of the United States. They are:

1. Arizona

2. Colorado

3. Florida

4. Georgia

5. Iowa

6. Maine

7. Michigan

8. Nevada

9. New Hampshire

10. North Carolina

11. Ohip

12. Pennsylvania

13. Utah

14. Virgina

15. Wisconsin

And with some key battleground states appearing to slip away from the Trump campaign, the Republican nominee has made a last-minute dash across Democrat strongholds in an attempt to wrest at least one them into his column.