Published On: Tue, Nov 8th, 2016

When do polls close and what time will America start voting?

As the world is waiting to find out who the next president of the United States will be, millions of 

Americans will be making their way to the polls across the country.

Once the polls are closed, votes will be counted and the final result will be announced by the Associated 


When do the polls open?

    The polls usually open before working hours. In most areas polls open between 6am and 7am local time. 

    Citizens have all day to vote. 

 When do the polls close?

    It varies from state to state. The first states to close are – Indiana and Kentucky – which close at 

   6pm Eastern Time. The next round of five states, including the battleground of Florida, is at 7pm. Alaska is 

   the last state to close at midnight. 

    The busiest time will be after 8pm, when 20 states’ polls are closing. Swing states in this batch 

    include Illinois and Michigan.  

    How does the time difference across the country affect the process?

    The states on the east coast close faster than west coast. The time difference makes it a stretched  process. California, for     example, closes at 11pm Eastern Time, which is 8pm on the west coast.