Published On: Sun, Dec 18th, 2016

World’s oldest bird lays 41st will shocked to know her age

New Delhi: She is the oldest, and probably the most famous, wild bird that world has known. She is Wisdom the Albatross. Defying age, she is till flying around the world, having sex and babies too. She has just laid her 41st egg, and guarding it. For starters, she is just 66!

Few days ago came the breaking news from the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge in Hawaii. The news shocked the bird watchers. Some even refuse to believe that Wisdom is still alive, as the common belief is that an Albatross has a life of about 40 years.

One would ask how would anyone know age of a wild bird? There’s an interesting story behind it. In 1956, scientist Chandler Robbins clasped an aluminum band around the ankle of a female albatross at this Pacific Ocean atoll in 1956. He was 41 then. Forty years later when he visited the atoll again, he found a bird nesting with a tag that had a signature of some Robbins. He realised that it was his own signature.

Around 1999, the scientists named the bird Wisdom, and estimated her age at 49. From then on Wisdom returns to the Pacific atoll every year with an old partner and an egg. It is said that Albatrosses mate with same partner till death separates them. (News24Bureau)

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