Published On: Wed, Nov 2nd, 2016

Yograj says son Yuvraj is not on drugs: My son is a lion, lions don’t eat grass

New Delhi: Cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s father has rubbished rumours about his son being a drug addict. Akansha Sharma, the ex-wife of Yuvi’s brother, Zoravar Singh, had alleged that the all-rounder indulges in drugs in his spare time.

“What nonsense is she talking? It’s absolute rubbish”, retorted Yograj Singh, himself a former Indian cricketer who has played one Test and six ODIs.

Yuvraj and Zorawar are sons of Yograj’s first wife, Shabnam, and live with their mother. He has a son (Victor Singh) and a daughter (Amarjot Kaur) with his second wife, Meena.
“The lady, who is accusing Yuvraj, should put her own house in order before making any allegations.”, added Yograj.

He also had a few scathing remarks to make about Akansha. “The lady who is accusing Yuvraj, should put her own house in order before alleging something,” he said.

Yuvraj’s battle with cancer had also been initially attributed to his partying habits. However, Delhi-based oncologist, Anshuman Kumar, who is in the know of the cricketer’s case, said that his cancer was hereditary. “While lung cancer can be caused by drugs, Yuvraj had a gonadal germ cell tumour situated between his lungs in the mediastinum. This indicates that it was a gene-related cancer—not caused by smoking,” said Anshuman, adding that in his several meetings with the cricketer, he had never witnessed any signs of addiction in him.